Conférence FERED - « Socio-ecological resilience and sustainability in urban and regional development »

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18/06/21  10h00 18/06/21  11h00

Une conférence intitulée « Socio-ecological resilience and sustainability in urban and regional development » aura lieu le vendredi 18 juin à 10h00 en ligne. Elle sera animée en anglais par le Dr. Ing. Sonja Deppisch : 

The presentation gives an overview on social-ecological research in an urban-regional context with its current state and open challenges. It is discussed along an overview of different examples  how resilience and sustainability oriented research is produced with reference to conceptualizations of those but also to inter- and transdisciplinary research processes. An explicit overview will be given on how this is done at HafenCity University Hamburg, which is a small university focusing on metropolitan development. Two research examples dealing with urban resilience towards climate change impacts on coastal urban regions and ecosystem services integration in spatial planning at the urban and regional scale will be presented in more detail to show how social-ecological resilience and sustainability oriented research takes place. 

Un replay sera disponible sur notre site internet.

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