Conférence - « Fate of trace organic contaminants in green infrastructure »

International  Culture, sciences et société  Sciences et recherche 

Date de début : 18/11/21  13h00 Date de fin : 18/11/21  14h00
Lieu :

Une conférence intitulée « Fate of trace organic contaminants in green infrastructure » aura lieu le jeudi 18 novembre à 13h en ligne.

Passive water treatment systems, such as constructed wetlands and bioretention cells have shown potential for the elimination of trace organic contaminants, though with variable efficiencies. In this presentation, I will focus on corrosion-inhibitor benzotriazole as a model contaminant, and discuss how a detailed characterization of contaminant transfer and transformation mechanisms in such systems can help propose better design and operation strategies for enhanced water treatment. I will also introduce the concept of Compound Specific Isotope Analysis and discuss its strengths and limitations as a support tool to identify contaminant transformation and reaction mechanisms. Elodie Passeport is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Environmental Engineering and Stable Isotopes. Dr. Passeport is cross-appointed in the departments of Civil and Mineral Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, and Applied Chemistry. She obtained her Ph.D. in Water Sciences in 2010 from AgroParisTech in France and then conducted a postdoc in the Plant and Microbial Biology department at UC-Berkeley and one in the Earth Sciences department at the University of Toronto. Her research group studies the fate and removal of contaminants from water, in natural and engineered environments.


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