Conférence FERED - « A view on science-policy and policy-public interactions in the governance of social-ecological systems »R. DRIES HEGGER

International  Culture, sciences et société  Sciences et recherche 

Date de début : 17/06/22  11h30 Date de fin : 17/06/22  12h30
Lieu :

Une conférence intitulée « A view on science-policy and policy-public interactions in the governance of social-ecological systems » aura lieu le vendredi 17 juin à 11h30 en ligne. Elle sera animée en français par le DR. Dries Hegger.

Recent publications in the environmental governance domain observe an increasing politicization of sustainability challenges. Urban areas across the globe are now moving beyond voluntary actions and beyond dedicated sectoral policies. We have reached a stage in which all policies and (governance/consumption) practices are somehow sustainability-related. Transformations towards more sustainability require radical changes compared to business as usual, which in turn require ‘appropriate’ interactions between science and policy, and between policy and the public. But what are ‘appropriate’ interactions and how to achieve them? This seminar addresses these broad-brushed questions according to two iterations. The first half of the seminar will introduce and unpack two themes that I – together with colleagues at UU’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development – have been working on in the past years: knowledge co-production and citizen engagement. An overview of relevant perspectives within both themes will be provided, including joint knowledge production; participatory foresight methods; public participation; facilitation of citizen-based initiatives. The second half of the seminar will illustrate the relevance of said perspectives with examples from specific recent projects. These include findings from the ERA4CS COCLISERV project (co-creation of place-based climate services for action); from the NWO-NWA project on soil subsidence in the Netherlands; and contract research on spatial climate change adaptation in the Utrecht City Region, commissioned by the Dutch Delta Programme.

Un replay sera disponible sur notre site internet.


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