Forum - « How to cope with environmental and digital transformations - Entrepreneurship and organizational creativity »

International  Culture, sciences et société 

Date de début : 14/11/23  08h30 Date de fin : 15/11/23  13h00
Lieu :  Amphi Beretz - Nouveau Patio - Université de Strasbourg - 20A Rue René Descartes - 67000 Strasbourg
Organisateur :  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the University of Strasbourg and Toyo University

Un forum intitulé « How to cope with environmental and digital transformations - Entrepreneurship and organizational creativity » aura lieu du mardi 14 au mercredi 15 novembre sur le campus de l'Esplanade à la présidence de l'Université.

It will focus on the dual challenge of ecological and digital transformations in a world where instability and uncertainty have rarely been so great, and where creativity plays a central role. The current developments are in fact part of a shift in the production paradigm, the premises of which date back to the mid-1980s. It is characterised by the affirmation of a form of competition based on the capacity for continuous innovation and by a double phenomenon: the intellectualisation of production and the diffusion of creative activities in all productive activities. 

In such a context, organisational and human resources are strategic elements and therefore important sources of change because they open up options for the future. Research and education in universities, in collaboration with the economic and social sciences, especially the human sciences, as well as the natural sciences, must search for future evolutionary processes in response to the rapid development of AI, energy scarcity, economic changes, and geopolitical and global challenges. 

The aim of the Forum is to exchange views on how Japanese and French companies are tackling these transitions by building on entrepreneurship and organisational creativity. We will specifically address the following issues: the role of innovative ecosystems and the creation of commons; the sustainability of ecological and digital transitions; creativity management, with a focus on human resource management; entrepreneurship, including support for start-ups, training and mentoring, links with universities; Aging and longevity, Human centered policy making and care-led innovation.

To address this global issue, the conference will involve researchers from both universities in some of the relevant areas of economics and management science to address the above issues.

The scientific coordination of the conference is ensured by Michèle Forté, University of Strasbourg and Hajime Imamura, Toyo University.

Full program & registration available on JSPS website


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